Anti-corruption policy

The Company focuses on the value of and is committed to, running its business with integrity, transparency and fairness, within the framework of law, ethics, and good corporate governance practices with full support for anti-corruption measures and the recognition that corruption impacts on business operations and the sustained growth of the Company as well as the economic and social stability of the country. THE COMPANY has the policy to support the Anti-Corruption by determining the directors, executives, or employees may not demand, engage in, or tolerate corruption in any country and any public or private agency involved in THE COMPANY’s business Rather, they must cooperate in promoting the values of integrity and whether, for the benefit of the company, self, family, friends, or acquaintances. responsibility as corporate culture, as well as review practices and requirements for operators to comply with changes in business regulations and legal requirements.

Good Practices

  1. Embed an anti-corruption culture and prevent fraud risk to all Company personnel, in accordance with good Corporate Governance. 39 Corporate Governance Policy Ethical and Business Code of Conduct
  2. The Company must perform with care in receiving gifts, hospitality, assets or other benefits from any relevant person, if such benefits are based on the business relationship. However, conduct permissible by local culture and local norms is acceptable. Such gifts and hospitality must be appropriate and not illegal. Additionally, Company personnel are not permitted to use their position at work for an inappropriate benefit in association with their job.
  3. The Company must provide an audit process for every operating procedure, including assessment of corruption risk, and procedure to correct the error (if any).
  4. The Company must provide a proper and sufficient internal control system, including the efficiency of audit process and monitoring procedure to balance the authority and responsibility of each Company personnel, to prevent corruption involvement and fraud risk.
  5. The Company must provide channels for the communication and training of guidelines on the prevention of corruption involvement for Company personnel, to ensure awareness and attention to the Anti-Corruption scheme.
  6. The Company must provide channels for receiving information, suspicions or complaints on breaches of the Company regulations Ethics Handbook, with a policy to protect the providers of such information and treat the received information with confidentiality, including measures on investigation and punishment under the Company discipline and/or related regulations.
  7. The Company shall support any activities, arranged by any entity, on the prevention of corruption involvement and fraud risk.

Certified member of CAC

The company was awarded the certificate from the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption or CAC as a member certified from 2017 onwards with continuous Anti-Corruption practices.

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Seminar in year 2018

The Company managed to give orientation to new hired employees and distributed them handbooks with Corporate Governance Code (CG Code) and the Code of Conduct including Anti-Corruption Policy and Measures. Moreover, the Company managed to hold the seminar “Roles of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Active Coalition Against Corruption Council Member” on Monday, August 27, 2018. Mr. Kulvech Janvatanavit from the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) was the honorable speaker. The seminar reinforced people’s awareness of their roles as well as their stakeholders and helped identify risks of corruption in operation. In addition, it helped evaluate whether the operation is compliance with the Company’s Anti-Corruption Policy as well as the Corporate Governance Code. Vice Professor Tithiphan Chuerboonchai, who is a Company’s independent director, member of the Audit Committee, Risk Management Committee, and Corporate Governance Committee was cordially invited to attend the seminar. After the seminar ended, the Company disseminated video of the seminar to all its employees to promote the anti-corruption value as part of its corporate culture.

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