Our Frasers Property family, coming from diverse backgrounds,all unified in our belief that experience matters

Corporate wellness

Annual health check-up for employee

Build awareness of healthy and preventive behaviors to our employees.

Caring for our Frasers family

Recycle at work: waste separation campaign

Caring for community:

To build awareness of green environment by educate proper waste separation to ensure recycling and waste materials end up at the correct post-consumer destinations.

Driving safety and service mind training for company driver

Caring for Frasers family:

To educate and enhance drive safety skill of company drivers.

Black smoke inspection

Caring for community:

Raise awareness among stakeholders in value chains to reduce air pollution by conducting smoke emissions inspection for vehicles within premises.

First aid training

Caring for Frasers family:

To educate our people to know how to emergency response with appropriate skill.

International women’s day

Caring for Frasers family:

To celebrate the International Women’s Day and build culture of diversity in organization.

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