The Company encourages all Company personnel to implement, in accordance with the good Corporate Governance and Ethical Standards and Business Code of Conduct principles, as well as to ask questions on any relevant matters or concerns on the Ethical Standards and Business Code of Conduct. Furthermore, any inquiries or complaints can be sent to Audit Committee, Managing Director, Company Secretary, Human Resources Department or direct supervisor.

The Company shall treat all Company personnel equally, transparently, and give fair judgment in a timely manner. The name of any complainant shall be protected and kept confidential during and after the investigation process.

Whistleblowing channels

Channels of notifying suspicions or complaints
  1. In cases of doubt or discovering actions violating the principles of good practice concerning the following matters:
    • Violation of compliance with the principles and practice guidelines of good Corporate Governance Policy
    • Violation of the rules and regulations of the Company
    • Not being treated fairly at work
    • Fraud
  2. Discovery of acts that cause suspicion and have a bad effect on the Company
Channels of notifying suspicions or complaints for stakeholders


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